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Divinity: Original Sin. Walkthrough

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Divinity: OS (обложка)
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General information

Released Games Divinity: Original Sin - June 30, 2014.

Divinity: Original Sin

In the old days, the Keepers of the Source (Sourcerers) healed the sick and wounded by a great power, called Source (Source). But a terrible darkness filled the earth and Rivellon source was permanently damaged. Madness seized the Guardians and now they just destroy everything around. A few brave Hunters source - that is all that stands between Rivellon and dark force that threatens to destroy it. Wherever appeared Source, Hunters will follow him.


At the beginning of the game, we can customize the two heroes: the priest Roderick and the robber Scarlett.

Heroes of the ship into the city Sais to investigate the crime. Because of orcs off the coast of the city heroes have to land just south of.

Divinity: Original Sin. Walkthrough

Divinity: Original Sin. 1. 1

On the shore may collect seashells. Eyes are hard to see, but you can press the «Alt», highlights all to pick up objects, it is a very easy task. Ahead see how the cave runs a group of necromancers, one of them calls upon the undead. Spend the first fight, get acquainted with the step by step mode battles. For every action, type of movement, strike, use potions or change weapons, spent action points (indicated at the bottom of the screen). Upon completion of the course press "space". After the victory can go to the cave, but it is not mandatory.

Cave (Training)
Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin. 1. 2

Learn the following features of the game Divinity: Original Sin:

- Alignment of water can extinguish the fire area.
- Acidic clouds can disperse fire magic.
- Oil puddles can set fire to fire magic.
- Obstacles can destroy attacks (traps the «Ctrl», press "left mouse button"). Destroyed even wooden doors. But at the same time is spent strength weapons.
- Locks can hack picks. On the locks can be a trap, they need disarm tools.
- You can move in a secretive mode and sneak up to the enemy.
- On the floor can be a trap type min. The higher the level of the trap, the harder they are to observe. For finding traps and other objects implies the ability of "perception".
- The game can be moved around subjects such as boxes, chests, vases (select item, hold the left mouse button, drag the object, release the button). - Items can be put on the pressure plates to activate them.
- Heroes can temporarily share that they do not follow one another. To do this, drag the icon of one character away from each other to break the chain between them. Combine characters can be the same way.

At the end of the caves we get to the tomb, where revives undead wizard and a couple of his students. Learn that it is out of the grave of the ghosts necromancers stolen crystal.

South Beach

Divinity: Original Sin. 1. 3

Exit back to the surface. In the lower portion of the shore is possible to find a fast access portal. Next is a spade, and a little higher - clear a pile of sand where you can dig up the first treasure.

Quest: Shell on the beach

From the teleport go along the coast to the right. At the dead end is a giant shell. (It is necessary to have the perk "Animal Friend" to hear the shell. If you do not have it right from the start, then you need to come back here later.) Shell asks throw it back into the sea. There are two options: 1) take the shell itself and sell it on the market, 2) throw out the shell, in gratitude, it pulls us from the bottom of a chest of gold (1 altruist).

Go to the upper left corner, we meet on the way two drunken guards. Can fight, but it is easier to negotiate with them and move on to the city. We went out on a great beach. Here it goes a little battle, and then the ship sails orcs and landed a few more fighters. Downstairs near the orcs have a barrel of oil, we can destroy it with arrows, and then fire to burn the resulting mess.

After the victory going to the gate, we communicate with the master Arhu, he knows something about this task, and asks to meet in the north-eastern part of the city. Enter the city.

City Cyseal

Recommended around the whole town and visit all the houses. From the town there are several gates to the outside, but around the city are found dangerous monsters. The weakest of them - level 5. Your task now: to get around all the people and fulfill their most basic side quests to gain experience and to pump at least to level 3. You can add to your group of two new members.

The houses you can find many useful items. All of them are highlighted in red, it means that they belong to someone, and take them just can not be. If we ulichat theft, the cause arrest, and with them, or deliberately losing a fight, or a prison. But if you take the thing so that no one will notice, nothing terrible will happen. The first is to collect the gold plates from the tables and paintings on the walls. Other household items cost a penny, stealing their pointless.

Divinity: Original Sin. Map Cyseal

Quest: Fire! Fire Fire!
Divinity: Original Sin. Cyseal

On the southern coast of the city can see how people extinguish a burning ship with buckets of water. Execution time is limited, so act quickly. We run to the central market of the city, at the sorceress buy rune "Rain" for 920 gold. Use the rune, get on the Quick Access Toolbar new spell. Go back to the coast, we arrange rain over the ship. Reward: 900 XP.

Quest: The sailors of the ship
Divinity: Original Sin

From braised ship go further down on the edge of the pier. See three sailors near the broken ship, they are asking for them to find a new job. Work can offer Captain Jack, who stands in the central market near the fountain. Reward: 180 XP.

Quest: Charmed, I'm Sure

Divinity: Original Sin. 2. 2

Enter the port warehouse, go through the right door. In the backyard of two guards arguing over a female orc. Randomly on orchihu were used potion love spell, and now she's in love with one of the guards. Second guard wants to get rid of the possible danger.

Legionnaires ask our opinion. There are two possible answers. If we let orchihu alive, we get a change of character "Romantic one." (But when we come back here next time, we can see already dead legionnaires).

Quest: Warming The Crowd

To the south of the Central Market has a separate area where artists and bands. 1st Artist - Reginald, he entertains the crowd by showing her magical talking head. Among the spectators find Gallagher, who works ringleader, gathers a crowd, and get money for it from Reginald. At the eastern end of the square we see the 2nd artist - Cedric. He has no audience. Communicate with Cedric and tell him about the reasons for the success of another artist.

Sederik asks us to outbid ringleader Gallagher. We go to Gallagher and try to convince him: bully (power), flatter (attraction) or urge (charisma). Choose the way in which characteristics of the hero above all. If all goes well, talking about this Reginald, and then take the award at Sederika. Reward: 125 XP.

Quest: A Mysterious Murder

Go back to the main quest. We go to the barracks in the north-eastern corner of the city (it is indicated by marks on the global map). On the ground floor are dealing with Captain aureus, it gives us permission to search the crime scene. Just get him three side quests - help ordinary legionaries outside the city.

On the second floor of the barracks are dealing with a cat - it turned magician Arhu. The Wizard will tell all he knows, and advise to meet the gravedigger to see the corpse.

Divinity: Original Sin. 2. 4

We approach the local tavern "King Crab" north of the central market. At the entrance stands Mendinus and offers to join his guild heroes. Although, in his description of the guild is more like a modern marketing campaign, but he is not trying to deceive you. After entry into the guild will gain access to an entire branch of side quests. But they need to perform is already outside the city.

A new hero. Inside the tavern is a girl Madora. She is ready to join our group. Madora specialist two-handed weapon, it is easy to break in half skeletons. But you should know that Madora very aggressively opposed enemies. If you try to negotiate an amicable adversaries, it will make a rift in relations with Madora.

In the southwestern corner of the tavern a locked room that watches the guard. We inform you that we have permission from the captain, go inside.

The room slain councilor Jake find strange Starstone (1/16), it will flash, but do not inflict damage. After that stone strange way brings us to another world.

Quest: The History of Stones

Divinity: Original Sin. 2. 5

We were on a small island of the earth in space. Next see the imp named Zikszaks and a large telescope. From the tiny world through the portal in the south we get into the room with a variety of non-activated portals. Here we speak to the woman sitting in front of the loom of time. Get the job to gather more magic stones to open all the other portals. Pulses give us a portal-pyramid that can instantly transfer us to another of the same pyramid.

To get out of this world, you can use the Quick teleportation (a small button on the right edge of the screen). But this time, it is better to teleport using the pyramid. Find ourselves in the bedroom, where she is taking a bath. Girl raises panic and wants to call security, it is necessary to convince her in any way. After that, pick yourself a second pyramid and exit the room through the south door.

(If you're playing co-op, then leave it to another character, and the original save yourself. Due to this you will be able to be ported to each other at any given time).

1st stone we have found during the main quest, "Murder Mystery." (Gives you access to another world).

2nd stone. We go to the hospital Tilarona. We pass into the east room. Solve a dispute about a stone in any way: 1) cure stone old man with a family, 2) to cure the young man. When Evelyn uses Starstone (2/16), we obtain its energy. (Stone opens up access to the room, "Hall of Heroes." Here you can hire another new hero (the cost of hiring: 600 - 1500 gold). Same here will get all the characters, which we excluded from the group).

These stones will find more on the story.

Quest: A Mysterious Murder (corpse)

Divinity: Original Sin. 2. 6

Go back to the story quests. The room murder we need to open the chest level 5. If there is no master keys or breaking a level of skill, you can just stand for a while and try to beat the chest conventional attacks. In the chest we find a letter. After a stellar stone remained inert stone, it is completely useless.

Go to the funeral home in the north-east of the city, just above the tavern. Inside, enter the left room, lying on the tomb take the book and read it. Learn that the corpse was stolen. We go up to the second floor, in the southern corner of the deal with the undertaker. He confirms everything, but you need to see this in person.

We go to the cemetery in the northern part of the city. The required grave Jake - the top, in the northern corner. To dig up the grave of the dead man in the coffin was a dead body of an animal. Body really was stolen.

Quest: Little Bo Burt lost sheep

Found the body of a lamb can be attributed girl Bert, she stands on the south-central town square. This she had stolen a sheep, it will be returned (+300 XP).

Quest: The Philosopher

At the cemetery, the grave to the left of the crying mother can dig up the ghost Nemrisa. Need to be tested for knowledge of his philosophical books. The correct answers are: no, no, your salvation. +600 XP, chest and achievement.

Near the cemetery dog runs and barks constantly. If we have the skill to communicate with animals, the dog will tell you that for personal things suspected she really can tell who the killer was Jake. Start the search for personal items.

1) Captain Areusa can steal socks.
2) At Esmeralda to steal panties from the chest on the second floor.
3) In the mayor's house in the northern locked room out of the closet to steal boots.
4) In the hospital, you can seamlessly search the nightstand Evelina in the upper right corner, where we find the coat.

We carry all things dog, she will say that the smell of Jake has only coat Evelyn. The word dog to the point you will not sew, but for what we got more experience.

We draw attention to the fact that the dog always barks at the cemetery at the grave of the right, where the name of David carved. To dig up the grave, and this, as a result, the surface appears animated skeleton. Kill him, get a bit of experience.

In one of the southern tombs can dig up the skeleton-bomb. This enemy will try to explode next to us. The easiest way to defeat the spell of teleportation, moving away from him.

Quest: The Councillor's Wife

Now we need to interrogate suspects. Chief among them - the wife of the murdered - Esmeralda. Go to the store of Esmeralda in the southern area of the city. The girl behind the counter, it protects one of the guards. Communicate with Esmeralda. She needs to present specific facts of her guilt. Tell her about the letter from her lover, was found at the murder scene, but she rejects this evidence as proof, and confidently consider themselves innocent.

Divinity: Original Sin. 2. 7

From the store go up to the second floor with living rooms. Among the things we find the key Esmeralda. To go out, come to the same building with the upper north side, the key open the door to the room.

On the table at the entrance to find the book "A Perfect Murder." In the neighboring southern room open hatch in the floor, down to the basement.

В basement remove pieces of meat hanging from the wall behind them is a button, press it, this will open the secret room. Inside we find the bloodstained knife. After that, we can search the basement, and to gather the most valuable things. There are a lot of armor with magical effects, which must first be identified, before putting on.

Go back to the store Esmeralda. Show her new evidence: a book and a knife. Girl and this is the logical explanation. Esmeralda definitely not guilty. After the interrogation, she advises a better look at the Doctor's assistant - Evelyn. Reward: 1800 experience.

Quest: A Mysterious Murder (Evelyn)

We go to the hospital to the south of the city center. If you've visited here before, you've seen a young girl Evelyn. But when we come here after being questioned by Esmeralda, the Evelyn will be gone. Teliron doctor himself does not know in which direction left his assistant, but to know where is her home town. In the next room on the table between the windows, inspect the left backpack Evelyn, find the key to her house.

(Indoor clinics can quietly take the key and open the southern room. There's a lot of valuable and magic items).

We leave the hospital through the south door. In the backyard there is a tomb, which at times shines. This is an insidious trap of developers. If you start to dig this grave, then immediately explode.

Evelyn House - a small house to the left of the hospital. Come to the south door of the house, about a bucket lift key. Open the door, inside the chest in the right spell to take refuge. From the table to take the diary and read Evelyn. Learn about her refuge on the north beach. Appears on the map label, but to us there is not yet walking.

Quest: Elf - Orc Blood Feud

In the mayor's house go up to the second floor, we get to the library. Here you can read for free about a dozen books with recipes. Monitors the library girl orc Victoria.

A new hero. Here in the library meet the mage water and air by the name Jaan. He wants to join our group. It will be a useful acquisition. We have Jaa spells: Teleport enemies, ice shot, call the rain, lightning, treatment.

We went out on the street. At the site north of the funeral home sits an old man Eglandir. He asks for our help in one case, and goes to the second floor of the tavern. In his room, he says that he wants to kill the last of the enemy orc tribe - the same one Victoria. We have three choices:

1) Inform the captain of the impending crime, and put Eglandira.

2) To Kill a librarian Victoria.

3) Report of the dangers of Victoria (+300 XP), to take her amulet, take it Eglandiru and deceive the murder of Orc (1800 XP, Condescending 1).

Divinity: Original Sin

Go back to the southern coast of the city. There is a chest on the pier, which is blocking the path to the stretched rope. To cross the rope, you can use the ability to "Charge", which have Mador. You can also throw teleportation pyramid. Inside the chest a couple of items of armor.

The building has a kitchen, near the barracks, when we go for the first time, the chef will run chicken. We have a choice: 1) to catch a chicken, 2) keep her alive. If we have the perk "Animal Friend", we can talk to the chicken.

Stalled below the kitchen we find a chest in it dusty parchment "first sister".

Having accumulated more money can go to the market, there is left of the paintings sell maps secrets. After the purchase of each card on our global map overlays appear with secrets.

Before leaving the city need to equip heroes to the maximum.

Things for the soldiers sold in the store Esmeralda.
Things to archers in the central market on the left of the pictures.
Things to thieves in the tavern on the first floor of the girl Sheriff.
Things for mages of air and water in a witch on the market right.
Things for mages fire and earth in the barracks on the second floor Arhu.

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1. Arrival, 2. City Cyseal, 3. West, 4. north, 5. western beach, 6. east,
7. Forest Lucullus. Hiberheym, 8. The cult of the Immaculate, 9. The Haunted forest.

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